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Marxist Value Theory and Construction of Values of Harmonious Society

Author:Li Jinhe

Press:Intellectual Property Publishing House

Pub Date:2016-06

A harmonious society is and can only be a socialist and communist harmonious society. To build a socialist and communist harmonious society, we must take complete, accurate and systematic Marxist value theory as the pointer, the construction of socialist harmonious society values as the lead, and promoting balanced economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress (the five-sphere integrated plan) in socialist harmonious society as the foundation. This book, based on the value practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and for the value pursuit of building a harmonious socialist society, takes the methodology of historical materialism as the core, and makes integrated use of text interpretation method and the unity of history and logic method, to manifest the three-dimensional form of Marxist value theory based on the synchronic structure of human existence and diachronic structure of human development; the socialist foundation based on a harmonious society and the synchronic structure of Marxist value theory; condenses the core value of harmonious society with people's livelihood, common prosperity, fairness and justice and harmonious development as the content; and analyze the individual moral cultivation, framing-up of the organizational and responsibility system and building of the national value ecology in the construction of the harmonious social values based on the authoritative survey data of the relevant institutions and the value experience of “those present”, to present to us a global picture of the future movement of the Marxist value theory revolution and the value construction of the harmonious society.