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Marx Element and its Contemporary Significance

Author:Sun Min

Press:People’s Publishing House

Pub Date:2016-08

Thomas Mann once pointed out that, just as a living creature may get sick or wither when it is lacking in a certain chemical component or element, our society can also decline and wither if it is lacking in the “Schiller element”. In fact, the modern society is unable to get out of troubles and cannot develop healthily if it is lacking in the “Marx element”, and Marx represents the truth and conscience of our times. It is in this sense that the Marx element is a theoretical weapon to solve crisis in the modern society and enable the mankind to march towards a new civilization. No doubt, Marx element contains profound connotations, and it is expressed as the true spirit of the Marxist philosophy: a strong sense of questions, a distinctive spirit of the times, the internal unification of the academic theory with social reality, and the dominant position of the masses of the people. On the basis of the above cognition, Sun Min, in his Marx Element and its Contemporary Significance, systematically explored the Marx element and its contemporary significance on five aspects of the history of Marxist philosophical thought, Marx’s ecological philosophy, Marxist philosophy and social reality, retrospection on the research of Marxist philosophy in contemporary China and comments of Chinese scholars on the research of Marxist philosophy, to fully demonstrate the contemporary vitality of Marxist philosophy. Obviously, this research is of important significance not only to the enrichment and innovation of Marxist philosophy and the restoration of the theoretical vigor of Marxist philosophy, but also to the great practice in the socialism with Chinese characteristics.