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Theoretical Frontier of Marxism in China

Author:Fang Songhua

Press:Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press

Pub Date:2016-06

Marxism in China is the mainstream of historical and ideological development in contemporary China, the mainstream ideology of the CPC and the country, and the theatrical and academic "orthodoxy" of contemporary China. This book, from the perspective of academic history, ideological history and theoretical history, explores how modern and contemporary China went from the history of nationality to the history of world as reflected by the history of Marxism in China, and how socialism and Marxism in China participated in the formation of the history of world and dominated the history of modern and contemporary China. On this basis, this book touches on the history of exchanges, collisions, conflicts, and contradictions between the traditional and the modern (ancient and modern) and between China and the West (Chinese and Western) in the context of Marxism. It also explores the ideologically theoretical expression process of the history of Marxism in China as a grand historical cause in the new democratic revolution as well as the socialist revolution, construction and reform led by the Communist Party of China, and on this basis, it shows the CPC's theoretical and practical exploration of the Chinese experience, Chinese path and Chinese approach regarding the socialist revolution, construction and reform. Moreover, the book explores the theoretical manifestation—socialism with Chinese characteristics—of Marxism in China, and the historical questions given by Marxism in China to the problems of contradictions between the ancient and the modern, China and the West, nationality and modernity, and capitalism and socialism.