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Marx is Not Outdated

Author:Tian Pengying

Press:Social Sciences Academic Press

Pub Date:2016-10

This book, in the world historical context of peace, development, and cooperation, looks at Marxism with a Marxist scientific attitude, and fully demonstrates that although Marxism is not eternal truth, we still live in the same era as Marx, with focus on the insistence and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Marx came from the bourgeoisie, but he observed and solved problems with the basic standpoint of ordinary laborers. Marx thought he was a student of Hegel, but his methods of research and innovation were based on historical materialism. Marxism is a great change in the history of human ideology, but does not stray from the path of human civilization. Marx was not a fortune teller, but he revealed the general trend of human social development. Marxist theory is extensive and profound, and it does not put an end to the truth, but opens up a path for the mankind to explore the truth.