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Why RMB is Strong

Author:Wang Wen and Jia Jinjing

Press:CITIC Publishing house

Pub Date:2016-12

  On October 1, 2016, Renminbi was officially included in the special drawing right (SDR) currency basket of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), indicating that Renminbi officially became one of the five main reserve currencies in the world, and it was a historical moment in the internationalization of the Renminbi. This will produce an important symbolic significance and far-reaching influence to the Renminbi, to China and to the future of China.

  The book Why RMB is Strong consists of 12 chapters in 3 parts. It analyzed and interpreted relevant issues concerning exchange rate such as exchange rate theory, exchange rate history, the relationship between exchange rate and economy, reform in China and internationalization of Renminbi, and especially, comparison has been made on macro economy, system improvement and expected management in conjunction with the history of exchange rate by grasping the origin in history and the general trend of macro economy, with important reference value in the reform of monetary policy in China and the internationalization of Renminbi.