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Concise Reader of Chinese Culture

Author:Gan Chunsong

Press:China Social Sciences Press

Pub Date:2017-02

In recent years, the call of returning to traditional Chinese culture has become increasingly strong among the Chinese people; however, once faced with lengthy historical records, voluminous literature and bibliotheca, and the dazzling array of books, many people would seem to be powerless and flinching from making a choice. Arising under such circumstances, the Concise Reader of Chinese Culture is a guide book rather than a textbook, providing a clue to starting explorations for those ordinary readers who intend to understand and study traditional Chinese culture but are at a loss as to where to start. “To know the great truth, one must study history first.” With the mutual recognition of Chinese and Western cultures as its major background, the said book expounds the main contents of Chinese culture in a concise and systematic way, involving the aspects of the origin and evolution of Chinese civilization, Chinese historical institutions, thoughts and values as well as arts, aesthetics, etc. “China boasts an extremely rich and colorful culture spanning thousands of years, and I perceive that it is really no easy job to give expression to the feats of the said culture,” said Mr. Ru Xin, an academician and vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), “starting from the origin of Chinese civilization, this book offers a terse and concise description of the main contents and spirit of Chinese culture in a comprehensive and systematic way. Written in popular and easy-to-understand language, with strong readability, the book is a basic reader of traditional Chinese culture suitable for public reading.”