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A Century's History of China's Linguistic Thought

Author:Bo Shousheng, Lai Huiling

Press:China Social Sciences Press

Pub Date:2016-01

 This book is the first truly monograph on the "history of linguistic thought", with a pioneering contribution. For a long time, people have been tangled, perplexed and confused about the question that "does China's linguistics have a history of thought." If "China's linguistics" did not have a history of thought, China's linguistics dating back to thousands of years ago would become "zombies" without "thought" or "soul". This book clearly puts forward that "linguistics also has a history of thought." "The history of China's linguistic thought" is an important subject of linguistic studies. The linguistic circle mainly uses the term "history of linguistic thought", and "linguistic thinker" is seen occasionally in few articles. People seldom use such kind of expression as "linguist Mr. XXX's academic thought." In fact, "linguist Mr. XXX's academic thought" is sometimes expressed as "Mr. XXX's linguistic thought". "Academic thoughts" of linguistic researchers contain more or less "linguistic thoughts." It is believed in the book that linguists who are somewhat aware of the "history of linguistic thought" can carry out their research with more active practice, clear thinking and a big picture.