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B&R Charming Cultural Economy

Author:Zhao Lei

Press:Dalian University of Technology Publishing House

Pub Date:2016-05

The book is a summary of author’s three-year investigation and study on the “Belt and Road”. Cultural economy is the main context of the book, and also the key words to understand the connotation and prospects of the “Belt and Road”. Many scholars in China and abroad often analyze the “Belt and Road” with the geopolitics or political economy as a tool, but the author prefers to see “Belt and Road” as a typical case of “cultural economy”. The book talks about economy in the view point of culture, and grasps the essential connotation of the “Belt and Road”, i.e. to realize the soft interconnection of the “Belt and Road” Initiative through such elements as culture, education and science and technology. The book is written on the basis of a full understanding of the actual situation of the “Belt and Road” in China and other countries, with new viewpoints, sufficient argument and profound contents, which make it an authoritative work at quite a high level. The “Belt and Road”, while promoting the “interconnection” of economy, can also promote further development on cultural exchanges among countries along the routes, to form a cultural circle of Silk Road, and expand the China-foreign humanistic exchanges. The book has made particularly detailed and solid investigation on the actual operations, countermeasures and ways out of Chinese businesses in other countries, which is worth deeply thinking and reflection of leaders of some domestic enterprises. The book has also analyzed some problems presently existing in the “Belt and Road” Initiative of China, providing significant reference to the continual work of China in this respect. The “cultural economy” is the highlight of this book, and the book has also cited many typical cases on this aspect, making the book quite attractive to readers and setting them to think.