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One Belt and One Road: A Civilized Rise of China

Author:Zhao Lei

Press:CITIC Publishing Group

Pub Date:2015-10

This book presents an in-depth interpretation of the Belt and Road Initiative from the cultural and economic perspective by Professor Zhao Lei from the Institute of International Strategic Studies of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China. It corrects the improper understandings of the Belt and Road Initiative, answers specific questions such as what kinds of cities and enterprises are more attractive to the countries along the Belt and Road, and highlights the economic and cultural significance of the Belt and Road Initiative to the rise of China. With a few articles for internal reference and research reports incorporated, this book examines the Belt and Road Initiative against an international perspective and explores what U.S., Japan, Russia, India and other countries along the Belt and Road understand about and expect of this Initiative. In addition, based on years of survey data and a large number of domestic and foreign cases, this book proposes some guiding suggestions with respect to the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and provides detailed solutions for local governments and enterprises to engage in this drive.