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New Awakening of China

Author:Zheng Bijian

Press:Shanghai People’s Publishing House

Pub Date:2015-05

Zheng Bijian, author of this book, is one of important theorists of socialism with Chinese characteristics and also the initiator and advocator of the theory “peaceful rise of China.” This book includes total 70 Zheng’s papers and lectures classified into six themes and involving discussions on “patriotism and peaceful rise of contemporary China,” “Chinese dream and big tendency of the world,” “interest convergence and communities of interest in the international context” and others. It is an authoritative work that deeply expounds on the theoretical system, system and road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, peaceful rise of China and China’s future development strategy. Articles on elaboration of the guiding principles of the 18th CPC National People's Congress and several other summaries of conversations with foreign politicians in the book are published for the first time.