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Guoping: On Hot Issues of the World

Author:State Internet Information Office

Press:Central Compilation and Translation Press

Pub Date:2015-07

The “Guoping” is a flagship brand that was launched on the basis of carefully selecting authors, seriously studying perspectives and conscientiously editing articles pursuant to the requirements of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs – “organizing commentators to express views centering on important and significant issues in a timely way in an effort to effectively direct the online consensus” – in April 2014. The book Guoping: On Hot Issues of the World collects 172 of 223 commentaries in Guoping 2014, comprising ten parts, i.e. “a major country’s diplomatic manner,” “personal charisma and noble character,” “law-based governance of the country and cyberspace,” “main policies and strategies regarding governance and administration,” “people’s opposition against terrorists,” “loving country and Hong Kong and opposing ‘Occupy Central’,” “infinite future of cyberspace,” “clean and honest work-style of the Party and government,” “commenting on issues of the world from the perspective of the world” and “glamorous show of the host country of a grand meeting.” The book could help readers to rationally understand the existing issues of China and the world, and is a reading material of current politics with the value of promotion and generalization.