No. 4 April 2019

(1) Political Potential Energy in the Implementation of Chinese Public PolicyAn Analysis Based on the Forestry Reform Policy of the Last Two Decades     He Donghang and Kong Fanbin  4

(2) The Effect of Value-Added Trade on Global Economic Linkages            Yang Jijun  26

(3) An Indigenous Typology and Jurisprudential Construction for Reasonable Doubt

Li Zheng  49

(4) ''Mass Innovation'' Reform in the Construction of the Intelligent SocietyA Jurisprudential Analysis of the Legalization of Online Ride-Hailing                     Ma Changshan  75

(5) Exploring Life in Chinese SocietyAs Exemplified by the Sociological Research in the Golden Wings                                                     Qu Jingdong  98

(6) Exploring Ego: From the Consciousness of Self to the Emergence of Personality

Ni Liangkang  123

(7) Reflection on the Life Science Interpretation Model from the Perspective of Teleology

                                                                Fei Duoyi  142

(8) On the Rhetoric of Early Records in Zhenren Discourse                Lin Diandian  160

(9) France and the Open Door Policy                                   Ge Fuping  183