No. 2 February 2019

(1) Marx on the Essence of Freedom of Ownership and Self-alienation

Xiao Shimei and Xiao Chao  4

(2) A Philosophical Review of Contemporary Quantum Theory

Gao Ce, Qiao Xiaofei, Wu Guolin, Cheng Sumei and Cheng Rui  26

(3) Globalization of Services in the Internet AgeA New Engine, Acceleration and the Competitiveness of Major Powers                       Jiang Xiaojuan and Luo Libin  68

(4) Changes in the Economic Structure and Trends in China's Future Energy Demands

Zheng Xinye, Wu Shimei and Li Fanghua  92

(5) The Peaceful Non-Settlement of Disputes in the Construction of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind                                                 Huang Yao  113

(6) Theoretical Exploration and Poverty Alleviation Practice Based on Smallholder ProductionA ''Smallholder Poverty Alleviation Trial with Nested Markets''

Ye Jingzhong and He Congzhi  137

(7) The Realist Tradition of 19th Century Realism and its Contemporary Value

                                                          Jiang Chengyong  159

(8) Paradigms and Paradigm Shift in China's Archaeological Research    Chen Shengqian  182