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"SCO Embraces New Developments in New Era" International Think Tank Forum Takes Place in Beijing

Submit Time:18-04-2018 | Source:People's Daily (March 27, 2018) | Zoom In | Zoom Out


The "SCO Embraces New Developments in New Era" International Think Tank Forum was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing on March 26, 2018. The forum aimed to pool together the thinking power of influential think tanks in the related regions and countries to contribute aspirations for the future development of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).  

Li Peilin, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Rashid Alimov, Secretary-General at SCO, and others attended and addressed the forum. Also presented at the event were nearly 100 representatives and experts from the think tanks and international organizations based in SCO member states, observer states and dialogue partners. Centering on the two themes of the forum—"New Era" and "New Developments," they held in-depth discussions about such popular topics as economic development, opening up for win-win outcome, regional stability, comprehensive security, Shanghai spirit, and a community of shared future.  

As the attendees all agreed, Eurasia has possessed the gene for cooperation since the time of Silk Road; the regions to which SCO member states belong are home to the majority of natural and human resources across the world; their economic capability and influence on the global political situation is making them a primary platform of international cooperation in the 21st century. At the same time, countries there are also tasked with solving many structured problems confronting their economy and society. Against such a backdrop, continuing to cement regional ties is key to solving these problems. To do so, all related countries and sectors of society need to fully capitalize on resources available at home and abroad, try to break new grounds in further deepening their multilateral partnerships, and draft measures in favor of long-term development.  

As the rotating chair of SCO, China will host the SCO Summit in Qingdao this June.