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Perfecting Management System According to System Requirements

Submit Time:21-03-2018 | Source:People's Daily (February 27, 2018) | Zoom In | Zoom Out


The Fourth National Academic Conference on Social Security was held in Beijing a few days ago (February 25). Zheng Gongcheng, Chairman of China Association of Social Security, pointed out at the conference that the social security reform in the new era must solve such problems as the generalization of benefits, opposition to benefits, regional and group segmentation and lack of multi-level pattern, and the social security management system should be perfected according to inherent requirements of social security system. There is still a big gap between the building of current social security system and new requirements of the new era. On the one hand, the generalization of benefits and opposition to benefits coexist; on the other hand, policy limitations in the previous step-by-step reform become more and more obvious, which directly influence the healthy development of social security system.  

Zheng Gongcheng suggested that in order to carry out the reform of social security in the new era, we must first make clear the development ideas of promoting social equity through social security, putting joint contribution and sharing benefits in place and fully mobilizing the initiative of all sectors, perfect social security management system according to inherent requirements of social security system, break the situation that security services of the same type are under the management of different departments, make the same and similar services under unified management and centralized accountability of the same department, innovate in the operation mechanism of social security system, take differential measures, and ensure that any social security that the government is responsible for should be implemented by public departments or entrusted professional organizations and that any social security that market entities or social organizations can provide should be truly implemented by market entities or social organizations such as charity organizations.