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Gather Pace in Developing Sociology with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era

Submit Time:13-03-2018 | Source:People's Daily (January 29, 2018) | Zoom In | Zoom Out


The Seminar on Social Structural Reform and Innovation in Social Governance with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era took place in Shanghai the other day. The seminar was co-hosted by the East China University of Science and Technology and the Research Institute of Social Work and Social Policy, a think tank of colleges and universities based in Shanghai. At the seminar, the attendees held discussions on how to promote innovation in social governance and build China into a more harmonious great modern socialist country.  

As they held, one of the remarkable changes occurring in the new era is the evolution of the principle contradiction facing the Chinese society, which has raised more demanding requirements for social governance—promoting it towards society-based, legitimate, intelligent and professional development. Teams of social workers are expected to bring their due role in forging a social governance framework that is developed, governed and shared together into full play, cultivate grassroots social organizations, and put in place a service-oriented social governance system. As proposed by the attendees at the seminar, sociologists will work harder to sum up rules and extract theories, in the hope of doing their due part to foster sociology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. In addition to describing and interpreting social development in the new era, sociologists should also take an active part in or make initiative contribution to the drive of building China into a more harmonious great modern socialist country.