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Theory Seminar “Practicing Strict Party Self-governance” of State Governance Forum Held in Xi’an

Submit Time:30-10-2017 | Source:People’s Daily (September 14, 2017) | Zoom In | Zoom Out


On September 12 and 13, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of CPC held the fourth seminar of the State Governance Forum “Series Theory Seminars on ‘Four All-round’ Strategic Deployment” in Xi’an of Shaanxi Province, with the theme “Practicing Strict Party Self-governance”. The seminar was attended by over 120 people, including some experts and scholars of relevant departments of the central government, social science research institutions, higher schools, the “four main platforms” for theory work, the social science and theory circle of Shaanxi Province and some locality responsible persons of Fujian Province.  

The experts and scholars attending the seminar conducted warm and in-depth discussions on coordinated advancement of the strategic deployment of “Four All-round” and the practicing strict Party self-governance. All experts and scholars present are of the common view that the key in doing a good job in China is the Party, and the Party should supervise its own conduct and run itself with strict discipline. Practicing strict Party self-governance is related not only to the future and destiny of the Party, but also to the future and destiny of the country and the nation, and is the fundamental guarantee for the Party to unite and lead the people in carrying out the great struggle, pushing forward the great cause and realizing the great dream. The experts and scholars present pointed out that we must adhere to problem-orientation and maintain strategic focus, grasp tightly two aspects of serious political life in the Party and strengthening supervision within the Party, further push forward practicing strict Party self-governance with greater determination, courage and efforts, to make our Party stronger and more powerful and ensure that the Party remains at all times the firm core of leadership in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.