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Deepening Mutually Beneficial Cooperation among State-Owned Enterprises in the BRICS Countries

Submit Time:11-10-2017 | Source:People's Daily (September 22, 2017) | Zoom In | Zoom Out

The Second BRICS Forum on SOE Reform and Governance was held in Beijing on September 21, and State Councilor Wang Yong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. 

Wang Yong pointed out that President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Xiamen BRICS Summit, stressing the need to open the second "golden decade" of BRICS cooperation that benefits peoples of the five countries and even all countries all over the world. This forum on SOE governance and development will encourage the BRICS countries' state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to work more closely with each other and gear their development to BRICS cooperation, so as to accomplish more mutually beneficial and win-win results that benefit the countries and the peoples. 

He also said that SOE cooperation in the BRICS countries has broad space and potential. SOEs should take the initiative to secure pragmatic cooperation by capitalizing on the complementary advantages of national industrial structures and resource endowments in the BRICS countries, boosting more institutionalized and substantive cooperation, and delivering more tangible results. SOEs should take the initiative to deepen SOE reform and improve corporate governance by exploring practical and useful SOE governance structures and regulatory modes that are adapted to the conditions of their countries. SOEs should take the initiative to create a fair market competition environment that allows SOEs to play a greater role in propelling sustainable and sound development of the BRICS countries and world economy and creating the second "golden decade" for BRICS cooperation.