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Capital Forum Focused on “Chinese Classics Under the World Cultural Vision ”

Submit Time:05-06-2017 | Source:Guangming Daily | Zoom In | Zoom Out

Themed with “Chinese Classics Under the World Cultural Vision”, the Capital Forum recently held its first activity in 2017, with a dialogue being conducted between Chen Lai, president of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, and An Lezhe, professor of the Department of Philosophy, Peking University. Chen Lai introduced Chinese classics represented by Liujing (The Six Classics), and noted that the classical culture still needs inheritance and development in modern China, and that on the one hand, we should strengthen the consciousness of cultural inheritance, and on the other hand, we must attach great importance to the openness of the classical texts and the creativeness of their interpreters. Professor An Lezhe pointed out that, to establish a new cultural order, we need to overcome the misunderstandings on Confucianism, and that the well-blended cultural forms of Confucianism, the human-centered ideas of country governance and self-cultivation based on ethical orders, and the unity of family and country, are all conducive to forming a new cultural order.