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One Belt and One Road Initiative Opportunities and Key Points Seminar Held in Renmin University of China

Submit Time:17-04-2017 | - Theoretical Channel | Zoom In | Zoom Out


Sponsored by the National Academy of Development and Strategy (NADS) of Renmin University of China (RUC) and organized by the NADS Social System Engineering Research Center, the “‘One Belt and One Road’ Initiative Opportunities and Key Points Seminar & Presentation on the Positioning of the Key Points Countries along the ‘Belt and Road’: Strategic Analysis from the Perspective of Cooperation” was held in RUC on February 28. This event was attended by more than 60 experts, scholars and media reporters from universities, government agencies, research institutions and social organizations.   

The participant delegates believed that it is very necessary to study the key points countries along the Belt and Road and their cooperation strategies, and it is imperative that we grasp spatial nodes, pay attention to temporal nodes, give play to the pivotal, interconnecting, leading and radiating roles of the key points, seek opportunities, avoid risks, strengthen cooperation, and play concertedly the epoch-making symphony of the Belt and Road Initiative.