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The First Issue of High-End Journal of Social Security Theory Published in Beijing

Submit Time:11-04-2017 | Source:Guang Ming Onlie (GMW) – Theory Channel | Zoom In | Zoom Out


  On February 21, 2017, the symposium on the founding of the Social Security Review (academic quarterly) sponsored by the China Association of Social Security was held at Renmin University of China. Professor Zheng Gongcheng, Chairman of the China Association of Social Security and editor-in-chief of the Social Security Review briefed the participants on the publication of the journal. 

  The journal is aimed at introducing academic research and innovation achievement in the social security and related fields, serving the reform and development of China's social security, and making a positive and useful theoretical contribution to the construction of a social security system with Chinese characteristics. As a high-end theoretical journal in China's social security field, the Social Security Review focuses on China's social security issues, explores the development path of social security with Chinese characteristics, builds China's social security theory system or the Chinese social security theory school, and puts forward Chinese-style solutions to global social security problems, thus ultimately making a unique theoretical contribution to the development of global social security as its core task. 

  A total of 14 articles were published in the first issue, including theoretical achievements in exploring social security and economic development, social security and national governance, the law of global social security development, the development of charity in the 21st century and other major issues; important research reports regarding the response to population aging and old-age services, corporate social insurance payment costs, and policy adjustment orientation; as well as academic papers elaborating on mutual assistance and mutual aid of social security, universal health security, sustainable development of charity, and the ancient ideal of great harmony, initially showing the authoritativeness of the Social Security Review as China's high-end journal in the social security field.