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First “Belt and Road & Cultural and Economic Forum” Convenes in Beijing

Submit Time:21-03-2017 | Source:Guangming Online ( - Theoretical Channel | Zoom In | Zoom Out

The first “Belt and Road & Cultural and Economic Forum” and the Unveiling Ceremony of the Cultural Experience Base of the One Belt One Road 100 (OBOR100) were held in a hotel called “The Emperor Beijing Qianmen” on the morning of January 19. Over 40 experts and representatives from enterprises and media attended this event, and recounted the persuasive, classic cultural and economic case studies pertaining to the “Belt and Road Initiatives”.   

Afterwards, the OBOR100 panel experts conducted heated discussions, centering specifically around the topics such as the “Belt and Road” culture and economy. The participant experts unanimously agreed that the “Belt and Road Initiative” is a continuous debugging and improvement process, and that governments, enterprises and media need to open up their minds to find a balance point, and acquire the economic dividend of the cultural temperature around the globe in a real sense.