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Harmony among Diversity • Progress in Unity

Submit Time:03-02-2017 | Source:Guang Ming Online (GMW) – Theory Channel | Zoom In | Zoom Out

The Belt and Road Ambassadors Forum, which was hosted by China-Asia Economic Development Association, the Association for Promotion of West China Research and Development, and the China International Public Relations Association, initiated by the Organizing Committee of the Belt and Road Ambassadors Forum, and organized by SOIN Technology (Beijing) Group, was held in Beijing on December 16. Nearly 500 people, including more than 30 ambassadors and diplomats to China as well as other guests and journalists, gathered together and discussed the "Belt and Road Initiative". 

Bearing the theme of "Harmony among Diversity • Progress in Unity," this annual meeting included three theme forums, namely, the Belt and Road Ambassadors (Culture and Tourism) Forum, the Belt and Road Ambassadors (Transportation and Security Protection) Forum, and the China-Arab (Economic & Trade and Investment) Forum. It is aimed at providing a platform for embassies of countries along the "Belt and Road" in China, Chinese local governments, industry enterprises, experts and scholars to conduct high-level dialogues about economic, cultural, tourism, social and related issues, and creating more favorable conditions for the establishment of partnerships between countries along the "Belt and Road" and Chinese key provinces and cities along the "Belt and Road", and the implementation of strategies of "going global" of China's advantageous production capacities and "bringing in" of overseas advantageous resources.