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The First China Governance Innovation Forum & "Government Governance Modernization Seminar" Held in Changchun

Submit Time:22-12-2016 | Source:Website of the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau | Zoom In | Zoom Out


The First China Governance Innovation Forum & "Government Governance Modernization Seminar" was held in Changchun, Jilin on November 5. 

The forum was jointly organized by the World Development Strategy Research Department of the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau and the School of Public Administration at Jilin University. Participants included more than 30 experts and scholars from the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, Jilin University, the Chinese Academy of Governance, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhengzhou University, Guangzhou University, Northeast Normal University, Jilin Provincial Party School of CCP, Taiyuan University of Technology and other universities and scientific research institutes. 

The theme of this forum was "Government Governance Modernization". The experts conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges centering on four issues, namely, the "institutional construction of governance modernization", the "exploration of governance modernization practice", the "social basis of governance modernization", and the "technological innovation and governance modernization", and submitted conference papers containing nearly 200,000 characters. This academic research activity promoted the academic community to study the path and challenge of national governance modernization from multiple perspectives, and offered suggestions for the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.