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Enhancing the International Community’s Cognition and Understanding of China’s Road - Summary of “European Forum on China’s Road in 2015”

Submit Time:09-12-2015 | Source:People’s Daily | Zoom In | Zoom Out

The “European Forum on China’s Road in 2015,” cosponsored by the Academy of Marxism of CASS, German China Association, Left Party of Germany, Communist Party of France, Gabriel Peri Foundation, Party of Italian Communists, Marxist 21st Political and Cultural Association of Italy, etc, was held in Berlin of Germany on September 27, in Paris of France on September 30 and Rome of Italy on October 2 respectively. The forum is themed by “China’s Road: Achievements, Reasons, Problems and Countermeasures.” The participating Chinese scholars, together with members of European Parliament, members of German, French and Italian parliaments, members of political parties and scholars from numerous European universities and institutes,  carried out in-depth discussions on the theme and reached broad consensus on many issues, enhancing the European society’s cognition and understanding of China’s road.

Chinese scholars have elaborated on relevant issues of China’s road from the perspectives of  economic and political development, cultural building, social construction, ecological civilization construction, Party’s buildings, foreign policies, etc.. Many European participants believed China’s development is a driving force for development of the world and should be welcomed by the western society. China hopes to make success while others achieve success, which is a kind of win-win cooperation concept. All scholars, from home and abroad, noted one of important reasons for success of China’s road lies in the CPC’s adherence to leading Chinese people to develop based on China’s national conditions and to combine the basic principle of Marxism with the actual situation of China. Some European participants indicated different countries have different national conditions and even within Europe, counties like France and Italy, adjacent to each other in geographic locations, are quite different in terms of social, political and family conditions, Therefore, the western society shouldn’t judge China’s development based on its own development mode. 

The participants, some European participants in particular, stated the development achievements made by taking China’s road have not been widely praised by the international community, which is something to do with some western media’s biased coverage of China. Currently, there are more and more coverage about China by western media, but the quality hasn’t been improved. Actually, the western media are the victims of the western ideological “fog.” Some westerners are used to criticizing China but they don’t know much about China. Their criticisms on China are mainly based on the media coverages but many of them are wrong. Some European scholars suggested they should view themselves first before criticizing other countries, in an effort to shake off the shackle of western centralism. Participants indicated to make the western society correctly understand China’s road, it is necessary to attach importance to cross-cultural communications, set up the international exchange platform and construct the cross-cultural discourse system to elucidate China’s road. The “European Forum on China’s Road” jointly sponsored by the Academy of Marxism of CASS and relevant European organizations is a beneficial effort and will help lessen the misunderstandings of China’s road by the western society.