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The Consumer Market Maintained Steady and Fairly Rapid Growth in October

China Steadily Advanced Investment and Cooperation with Countries along the Belt and Road in the First 10 Months

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Author: | Source:People’s Daily November 17, 2017


According to the data of State Statistics Bureau, the nationwide retail sales of consumer goods reached 3.42 trillion yuan in October, a year-on-year increase of 10%, at the same level as that in the same period last year. The accumulative year-on-year increase of Jan.-Oct. was 10.3%, also at the same level as that in the same period last year.  

The head of the Market Operation Department of the Ministry of Commerce pointed out that, in October, the consumer market in the whole country maintained a steady and fairly rapid growth, mainly with the following features: first, fairly good development momentum was presented in both online and offline retails, second, the extra-long National Day Holidays drove up the service consumption and sales of some commodities, and third, the consumer prices increased to some extent.  

He indicated that, as the national economy operation maintains the steady development with progress and improvement, the quality and efficiency is rising steadily, the production and demand remain stable, the employment keeps on improving, and the prices remain stable as a whole, it is expected that the consumer market will maintain the steady and fairly rapid growth in the coming period, and the annual target can be smoothly fulfilled as expected.  

In addition, according to the presentation of the head of the Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Commerce on the 16th, in January-October 2017, the domestic investors of China made non-financial direct investment in 5410 overseas enterprises in 160 countries and regions all over the world, with total investment amount of 86.31 billion US dollars, a decrease of 40.9% from that of the same period last year. The non-rational outbound investment has been further effectively controlled.  

He pointed out that, the outbound investment and cooperation in Jan.-Oct. mainly has the following features: first, the investment and cooperation in countries along the Belt and Road was advanced steadily; second, the decrease amplitude of outbound investment has narrowed, and the industrial structure has kept on optimizing; and third, many new contracts were signed for big overseas contracting projects, with an obvious effect to drive up export.  

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