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Foreign Exchange Reserve of China Rose in Five Consecutive Months

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Author:Wen Yuan | Source:Guangming Daily


  Beijing, July 9 (journalist Wen Yuan) Data recently published by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange show that, by the end of June 2017, the foreign exchange reserve of China was 3.0568 trillion US dollars, 3.2 billion US dollars more than that at the end of May, a rise of 0.11%, being the rising in the fifth consecutive month.

  In June, the cross-border capital flow of China continued a steady momentum, and the foreign exchange supply and demand still maintained a relatively balanced state; on the international monetary market, the non-US dollar currencies appreciated against US dollar as a whole, the prices of assets varied by small LAYOUT-GRID-MODE: char">  In the first half of this year, the cross-border capital flow and the supply and demand on foreign exchange market were basically balanced in China, the exchange rate of Renminbi was stable with slight increase, and the foreign exchange reserve rose by 46.3 billion US dollars from the 3.0105 trillion US dollars at the year beginning, increasing by 1.5%.

  The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange stated that, the economic growth of China was continually improving in stability and harmony, and the trend that the economic operation of China was stable as a whole with a momentum of improving will be further consolidated and continued. With the expansion and opening of monetary market, the foreign exchange market will develop healthily, the market expectation is stable, and the cross-border capital flow and the supply and demand on foreign exchange market will be basically balanced, and this will further stabilize the size of foreign exchange reserve.

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