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Statistics: The Whole Society’s Sum of E-commerce Transaction Exceeds 16 Trillion Yuan in 2014

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Author: | Source:National Bureau of Statistics


In 2014, the National Bureau of Statistics carried out a survey on the trading activities of electronic business of E-commerce transaction platform (also called E-commerce platform). The statistical result shows the whole society’s sum of E-commerce transaction of China reached 16.39 trillion yuan, a 59.4 percent increase year-on-year. The transaction sum of the enterprises’ self-run E-commerce platform (also called the pure self-run platform) was 8.72 trillion yuan with a year-on-year increase of 65.9 percent; that of the E-commerce platform providing goods or services transaction for other enterprises or individuals (also called the pure third-party platform) was 7.01 trillion yuan, increasing by 53.8 percent year-on-year; that of the platform combining the third-party and self-run contents (also called the mixed operating platform) was 0.66 trillion yuan, a 41.1 percent increse year-on-year.

I. High speed increase of the sum of E-commerce transaction with the organizations 

The sales of E-commerce platforms to enterprises (organizations) were 12.75 trillion yuan, up 62.8 percent year-on-year, among which the sales of goods reached 12.25 trillion yuan and incomes from services were 0.50 trillion yuan. The sales of E-commerce platforms to customers (individuals) reached 3.64 trillion yuan, up 48.6 percent year-on-year, among which, the sales of goods were 2.88 trillion yuan and incomes from services were 0.76 trillion yuan. 

II. E-commerce transaction of self-run platform representing a half of the total 

The sum of E-commerce transaction of the self-run platform reached 9.13 trillion yuan, accounting for 55.7 percent of the total of all E-commerce platforms, among which, that of the pure self-run platforms was 8.72 trillion yuan and the sum of self-run E-commerce transaction of mixed operating platform was 0.41 trillion yuan. 

III. High concentration degree of E-commerce trading activities of the third-party platform 

The sum of the E-commerce transaction of the third-party platform reached 7.26 trillion yuan, making up 44.3 percent of the total of all E-commerce platforms, among which that of the pure third-party platform was 7.01 trillion yuan and that of the mixed operating platform was 0.25 trillion yuan. The concentration degree of trading activities of the third-party platform was relatively high. The sum of E-commerce transaction of top 20 third-party platforms of Taobao, Tmall and reached 6.22 trillion yuan, accounting for about 90 percent of the total transaction volume of all third-party platforms. 


I. Interpretation of indexes 

1. E-commerce transaction platform: it refers to the virtual cyberspace set up for online trade of the trade subjects. According to the conditions of the platform running enterprises and transactions on the platform, the E-commerce transaction platform may be classified into three categories: the self-run platform for the online trade run by the enterprise itself; the third-party platform only providing services for the online trade of other trade subjects; the mixed operating platform both for self-run online trade and the services for the third-party platform. 

2. Sum of E-commerce transaction: it refers to the trade volume of all transactions via the E-commerce platform, including transactions between organizations, between organizations and individuals and between individuals. The whole society’s sum of E-commerce transaction equals to the summation of all trade volumes on the all E-commerce platforms. 

II. Survey scope 

E-commerce transaction platforms, including self-run, third-party and mixed operating platforms. 

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