The Sky and Sun in the Heart of Karl Marx: In Commemoration of the Great Woman Jenny Marx for Her Steadfast Commitment to the Cause of Human Progress

2021-07-22 09:26:16 | Author:Wei Jianhua | Source:Marxism & Reality No. 3 2021


Jenny Marx was a rare and outstanding woman in human history. In order to commemorate this pioneer fighter of the international communist movement, this article examines precious historical materials from Marxist classics and various documents, clarifies important historical facts, gets closer to Jenny’s eventful years of struggle, approaches her epic and magnificent life and rich inner world, and appreciates this revolutionary’s sincere commitment to the cause of human progress. The article summarizes Jenny’s pure and noble beliefs in life, her fervor for struggle, her unyielding spirit, and her simple and broad humanistic sentiments. It introduces her attitude of research and study, her outstanding talent of deliberate thinking and discernment, and her expertise in writing. It points out that although we live in different times and countries from Jenny’s, our common political beliefs, common theoretical guidelines, common goals and common values have removed the barriers and divisions between us and this pioneer. Today, inspired by Jenny’s spirit, we should be more energetic and vigorous in guarding the lofty faith in our hearts and realizing the true value of our lives.