Xi Jinping:Relying on the People to Win the People’s War against Covid-19

2021-01-06 18:26:52

Relying on the People to

Win the People’s War against Covid-19[1]

March 10, 2020

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, China’s vast ranks of medical workers, including those in the military, have displayed great tenacity in adversity and struggle. You have rushed to Hubei and Wuhan without hesitation, devoting yourselves fearlessly to the effort of containment and treatment without consideration to your own safety. Working day and night in a race against time to combat the disease, you have more than fulfilled the great trust placed in you and made vital contributions to containing the virus in Wuhan. Staying true to the purpose of the armed forces, military medical workers have proved yourselves ready and able to fight and win at a moment’s notice, and added to the luster of both the Party and the military. As the saying goes, “It is in a time of great difficulty that a hero shows his mettle.” You have truly cared for the sick and saved the dying and shown us that love knows no limits. You are messengers of light and hope, our guardian angels, and true heroes! The Party and people are grateful to you!

You medical professionals on the front line have indeed had it the hardest. You have had to bear unimaginable physical and psychological pressure. It pulls at our heartstrings to see so many of you having your hands and faces rubbed raw by protective clothing. You are the most admirable people of the new era. I wish to pay each and every one of you the highest tribute! Our medical personnel should be sure to take extra self-protection measures and seize any opportunity you can to rest and recuperate, so that you have both the courage and fitness needed to fight. Relevant departments will ensure that there are sufficient supplies of protective equipment and daily necessities, and that wages, temporary subsidies, and anti-epidemic bonuses for our medical personnel are paid in full. Policies and measures will be introduced as soon as possible to support and care for our frontline medical workers, to help you solve your personal problems and difficulties and ensure that you can focus on your work.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Party Central Committee has insisted on putting people’s health and safety first. All containment measures we adopted have prioritized, to the greatest possible extent, preventing more people from becoming infected and saving as many lives as possible. The whole country is concerned about the health of our people infected with the disease. With doctors and nurses doing their best to provide treatment and care for everyone and all sectors of society providing assistance for your families, our patients should receive treatment with your minds at ease. You should strengthen confidence of victory, stay positive, and readily follow the doctor’s advice and cooperate with treatment, which will help ensure you defeat this disease. I wish you all a speedy recovery.

     At the critical moment, when the people of Hubei and Wuhan were under the threat of the coronavirus epidemic, our vast ranks of medical workers were resilient, diligent, and selflessly dedicated. You have demonstrated the great compassion of the medical profession, projected an excellent image of medical workers in the new era, and touched the hearts of people across China and around the world. Now the spread of Covid-19 has been basically halted, and the containment situation is gradually improving. This is the result of our joint efforts and the unity of the entire Party, country, and society, but it is you who have been the true heroes. The Party and the people award you top marks. The Party Central Committee and all other sectors will continue to vigorously support the epidemic containment efforts of Hubei and Wuhan, providing the medical supplies and support you may need and solving any personal problems or difficulties you may have. The Central Committee and people throughout the country are always with you and will always be right behind you.

As our efforts to contain the virus enter a critical stage, our determination must not wane. There must be no letup in our efforts; we must endure to the very end. We must shoulder the difficulties and ensure we do not squander our achievements thus far. The health of our medical workers is vital for overcoming the epidemic. Many of you have been battling here for over a month. You have worked very hard and must be exhausted. I hope you are managing to get some rest, eating well, and taking care of your health. Relevant departments will do their utmost to improve everyone’s working and living conditions, implement good protective measures, and strengthen rotation and resting of personnel, to ensure the health and safety of our frontline medical staff.

As the forefront of containment efforts, communities bear a heavy burden. Comrades involved in community control work are extremely hard working. Day and night, you work tirelessly and silently in the service of the people. You have made important contributions to curbing the spread of the disease and ensuring that people can go about their lives. You are demonstrating the spirit of Wuhan’s Party members and officials who put the lives of others first, bravely shoulder responsibilities, keep in mind the big picture, and devote themselves to helping others.

There are two theaters in the battle against Covid-19—our hospitals where the sick are being cared for and our communities where the virus is being reined in. Our communities are the key to continual success in virus containment work. We must fully utilize the important role of comm[2]unities in controlling the spread of the virus as well as the principal role of primary-level Party organizations and the exemplary role of Party members. Resources for containment must flow to the community level to bolster community control measures and make our communities fortresses against infection. To win the people’s war against Covid-19, we must inevitably rely on the people. We must work to engage with the public in a detailed manner and mobilize them to build a people’s line of defense against the virus.

[1] Key remarks to frontline medical workers, servicemen and women, community workers, police officers, officials, volunteers, and local residents during an inspection of the Covid-19 response in Hubei Province.

Source from: Coordinating the Covid-19 Response with Economic and Social Development, Published by the Central Compilation and Translation,2020