Xu Rong:Fully Understanding the Value Goal of Developing Political Education in All University Curricula

2020-11-19 16:17:00 | Author:Xu Rong | Source:Marxism & Reality 2020(5)


  Developing political education in all university curricula is a strategic measure to implement the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating students in universities from the overall perspective of the development of the Party and the country in the new era. Fully understanding the value goal of promoting political education in all university curricula, establishing the concept of education, teaching, and talent, and developing curriculum culture from the perspective of talent training objectives, curriculum construction objectives and university governance objectives, will help us better grasp the basic connotation, key tasks and work requirements of political education in curricula. It will also make it possible to fully tap the political education resources in each course, integrate knowledge transfer, ability training, and value shaping in the course of teaching, strengthen political education in the curricula comprehensively, hierarchically and sustainably, and ensure that everyone is involved in the whole process in all-around education.