Jiang Yongmu:Research on China’s Ability to Eliminate Its Absolute Poverty

2020-11-19 16:16:00 | Author:Jiang Yongmu | Source:Marxism & Reality 2020(5)


   In 2020, China will ensure that all rural residents living below the current poverty line are lifted out of poverty and achieve a complete victory in eliminating absolute poverty. The reason why China is able to help so many people out of poverty in such short periods is inseparable from the important role of three factors: China firmly adheres to the guidance of Marxism poverty and anti-poverty theory, and forming the Marxist poverty and anti-poverty ideas adapted to the Chinese context is the source of strength to eliminate absolute poverty; giving full play to the unique advantages of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system, and forming a powerful synergy to eliminate absolute poverty is the basis for the ability to eliminate absolute poverty; effectively applying materialist dialectics to analyze and solve the poverty problem, and continuously exploring various ways to solve the persistent poverty in China is the soul of the ability to eliminate absolute poverty.